Requiring the least amount of Atra Points to be summoned and maintained, Servants are the most basic Astels in Astellia. With Astels’ unique skills that can stun and immobilize enemies, support allies, and increase your character's mobility, players are free to create their own team of Astels tailored to their play style and enjoy an adventure with reliable allies.
Boasting greater power and prowess on the battlefield, Guardian Astels lend their superior strength and destructive power to Astellians. These Astels have various wide-ranged skills that unleash their full potential in battles against multiple enemies. However, maintaining these Astels and casting their skills will require greater Atra Points in battle since they are way more powerful than Servant Astels.
The largest and most powerful of all Astels known are Saviours, who have the ability to distort the law of nature. Therefore, Saviours may only be invoked to serve an Astellian for brief periods of time, requiring a great amount of Atra Points. Despite the setback, Saviours are reliable allies that can provide Astellians with unparalleled destructive force in any situation. Eligos’s thunderbolt can bring anything to flames and Braga’s sword aura can turn the flow of any battlefield.